Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

80 %
of businesses that loose a major amount of data file for bankruptcy within 3 years
31 %
of general users lose all of their files due to an incident beyond their control

Our backup and recovery solution ensures that your data is backed up to two locations on a regular basis to prevent data loss

Many businesses are still using an on-site only backup solution, whereas our backup and recovery solution gives the added benefit of your data being backed up regularly to both an on-site and off-site location, giving your business greater data resiliency.

Are you still using a traditional on-site only backup solution? – With our backup and recovery solution we backup your data regularly to both an on-site and off-site location, which both can be managed and monitored by our technical support team, to ensure you always have a backup readily available.

Having your data backed up to more than one location gives your business data resiliency, ensuring that no matter what the scenario, there is always a backup of your company data available.

Our support team is available daily, and you can contact them as and when you need assistance. They are contactable via phone, email, or live chat, and a support technician will aim to give you a response within one working hour. All requests are raised in the form of a support ticket, to ensure that you are provided with an update, every time a technician works on your issue.

In addition, our support team can constantly monitor both your on-site and off-site backups, giving us the advantage to raise a support ticket and start working on an issue before it even occurs, without any prior contact from your employees, or yourself.

We have used Techys2u since 2007 and have complete faith in the job they do for us as a company. They are always proactive in recommending new processes for us and the changes that had been made over the previous 3 years made working in this Pandemic a very easy process, from an IT point of view anyway!
Adam Smith
Director – Financial Advice Centre Ltd
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