85 %
of all emails sent daily are spam
73 %
of phishing emails are related to identity theft

Minimise the amount of spam your business receives, and lower the risk of your business becoming victim to cyber-crime

Our antispam solution uses a unique algorithm to identify sources of spam and quarantine them with great accuracy and efficiency, whilst giving you the flexibility to release the emails from quarantine, and manually blacklist senders should you need to do so.

Do your employees receive an abundance of spam emails on a regular basis? – Our anitspam solution can help by drastically reducing the amount of spam emails you and your employees receive, meaning that you and your employees can focus more time on responding to your customers and less time checking and deleting unwanted emails.

Using a unique algorithym our antispam solution checks each email and gives it a spam score, if the system determines that the email is likely to be spam these emails will be quarantined. If the system determines that the email is likely to be legitimate, it will pass through the filter into your inbox as normal.

Should a legitimate email be quarantined, you can choose to receive email reports on a daily basis so that you can review your quarantine, giving you the functionality to be able to release the emails you may want, and to remove those that you don’t. Additionally, email addresses and domains can be manually whitelisted or blacklisted at any time.

Our support team is available daily, and you can contact them as and when you need assistance. They are contactable via phone, email, or live chat, and a support technician will aim to give you a response within one working hour. All requests are raised in the form of a support ticket, to ensure that you are provided with an update, every time a technician works on your issue.

We have used Techys2u since 2007 and have complete faith in the job they do for us as a company. They are always proactive in recommending new processes for us and the changes that had been made over the previous 3 years made working in this Pandemic a very easy process, from an IT point of view anyway!
Adam Smith
Director – Financial Advice Centre Ltd
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Over the past few years our business has grown dramatically, and its safe to say we wouldn’t have been able to grow without the support of Techys2u. No matter what problem I give them, or how often we change our mind, Tim and the team always come up with a practical and cost effective solution. Techys2u, really are an asset to any business.
James Batsford
Director – Standard Motor Transport Ltd
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