46 %
of websites have high cybersecurity vulnerabilities
57 %
of cyber breaches are due to unpatched vulnerability

Antivirus protection that scans devices on your network for threats, and is monitored in real-time by our team

Our antivirus solutions use award-winning platforms allowing us to manage and monitor your devices around the clock, to ensure that you and your business are kept free from the risk of cyber threats.

Did you know that at least 350,000 malicious programs are detected every day? – The malicious programs can easily access confidential information on various internet-connected devices within your business and can also delete valuable information which your business needs to carry out day to day work.

At Techys2u we can offer an antivirus solution that constantly scans all of these devices, and prevents your business from falling victim to a cyber threat. Once a threat has been detected it will then be quarantined, preventing any damage to your device or data and we will receive notification should one of our engineers need to take further action.

Our support team is available daily, and you can contact them as and when you need assistance. They are contactable via phone, email, or live chat, and a support technician will aim to give you a response within one working hour. All requests are raised in the form of a support ticket, to ensure that you are provided with an update, every time a technician works on your issue.

In addition, our support team can constantly monitor your antivirus protected devices, giving us the advantage to raise a support ticket and start working on an issue before it even occurs, without any prior contact from your employees, or yourself.

We have used Techys2u since 2007 and have complete faith in the job they do for us as a company. They are always proactive in recommending new processes for us and the changes that had been made over the previous 3 years made working in this Pandemic a very easy process, from an IT point of view anyway!
Adam Smith
Director – Financial Advice Centre Ltd
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Over the past few years our business has grown dramatically, and its safe to say we wouldn’t have been able to grow without the support of Techys2u. No matter what problem I give them, or how often we change our mind, Tim and the team always come up with a practical and cost effective solution. Techys2u, really are an asset to any business.
James Batsford
Director – Standard Motor Transport Ltd
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