STOP 0x0000007E after XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) install on AMD platforms

Take from

Boot from your Windows XP CD and hit “R” at the “Welcome to Setup” screen to reach a recovery console, then log into the Windows installation in question, as in the instructions from the previous article.  The next step, once you get to a command prompt (i.e. “C:\WINDOWS>”) is far more simple, elegant, and easily understood!  Type this command, without quotes:

“disable intelppm”

Type “exit” after that and it’s all done and over with.  Sometimes us techies get so used to doing things the hard way that we forget the simpler solutions.  If you’re prepping a system for a change away from an Intel processor platform and want to avoid this problem, go to Start > Run… and type in the following command to pre-emptively disable intelppm.sys from loading:

“sc config intelppm start=disabled”

Dell Bluetooth Module not detected after rebuild (XP & Vista)

This post gives a link to a Dell download to correct an issue whereby the Dell Bluetooth module 350, 355, 360 is not picked up in Windows XP, however, the module is also not detected in Vista either and this same tool can be used to correct the problem.