“Terminal Services temporary client license will expire in…”

Having used the different versions of Windows Server 2003 for a long time I tend to use Standard Edition to utilise Terminal Services for remote workers.

In some instances before the implementation is full complete and the required TS CALS purchased a user will be required to log in after the 120 days temporary license has expired.  A temporary work around to resolve this remotely is as follows:

  1. Login remotely via VPN.
  2. Using “Computer Management” click “Action” > “Connect to another computer…” and type in the IP address of the server and click OK.
  3. Expand “Services and Applications” and then click “Services”.
  4. Scroll down to “Terminal Server Licensing”, right click and “Stop”.
  5. Using Explorer browse to “\\<ip address>\c$\WINDOWS\system32\LServer” delete all the files ending “.edb”
  6. Go back to “Computer Management” and “Start” the “Terminal Server Licensing” service.

The client can now logon with out the expiry message.

Please note: To carry out the steps above you are required to have administrator access rights to the server.