Sage Line 50 limited user account, “You have entered an invalid password”

1. Log into Windows as an Administrator
2. Go to Computer and right click on the ProgramData folder
3. Select Properties -> Security
4. Select Users then select Advanced
5. Select Change Permissions
6. Select Users, Edit and select Full Control then OK
7. Select Replace all Child object permissions then OK
8. Go to c:\programdata\microsoft\crypto
9. Rename RSA folder to RSAold and recreate a new empty RSA folder.
10. Log in as user and run Sage.

Note: For Windows XP this is stored under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users

Setting up Sage v11 for network use

  1. On the exisiting Sage PC backup the entire Sage folder where it is currenly stored, this is usually:
  2. "C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts"

  3. Now take those files to the new PC that will act as the server and copy them ino the same folder “C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts\" and run "NetSetup.exe" this will now install Sage.  Ensure that you install it to the recommended path which should be, "C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts".
  4. Once installed share the \Accounts directory and tick "Allow other network users to change my files". Note: That if performing this task on a domain server or with “Simple file sharing unticked” you can utilise NTFS permissions to limited access to this share further.
  5. Take the same files copied from the original machine earlier and repeat step 2 on all the other PCs that need to “share” the Sage data and:
    1. Delete the "ACCDATA" folder.
    2. Map a network drive (usually S for Sage) and point it the UNC path setup in step 3.
    3. Edit the COMPANY file with "WordPad.exe" taking care not to save with and extension and amend the path to "S:\", make sure you press return at the end of the line.
    4. Check that Sage opens and the companys accounts are listed.