Migrating RAID’s from a Perc 6/i to Perc 5/i

Take from a post by samp76 the Dell community forums:  http://en.community.dell.com/forums/

Ok. Here is how it went.

I performed an Image of the paritions overnight. Came in this morning and swapped drives from the Perc 6/i server to the Perc 5/i server. Booted it up and it does not see the configuration at all. So I entered into the RAID bios on the Perc 5/i and reconfigured the raids how they were on the other server, but I did NOT initialize the virtual disks. Exited BIOS and restarted.

Poof, it booted up and partitions were perfect.

If anyone else was to try this I would make sure that the following was done first.

1. Write down the exact raid configuration from the Perc 6/i from the RAID bios. If you used custom raid settings, like the block size, be sure and get that too,

2. Full backup (image sugggested)

3. DO NOT initialize the VD’s after reconfiguration of the raid.

Dell Bluetooth Module not detected after rebuild (XP & Vista)

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