XBOX 360 Media Extender Screen Saver time out

This post explains how to stopa blank screen appearing on an Xbox 360 extender.

1)  Turn on the Xbox media centre with the problem described above.

2)  Press the WinKey+R

3)  Type “regedit”

4)  Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\hivelist

5)  Make note of the GUID associated to the Media Center user (probably Mcx1 although if you have more than one extender this will be Mcx2, Mcx3 etc.)

6)  Browse to the registry location HKEY_USERS\[registry user key from step 4]\Control Panel\Desktop

7)  Change the ScreenSaveActive key to 0 by double clicking it.

You’re done.

Hope this help!