Asterisk and IAX2 “Registration Rejection”

This post describe a problem encountered after setting up a Linux CentOS box along with Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX 2.6.

After creating an IAX2 extension to connect remote users to I found I would get the message “Registration Rejected”. Suspecting this wasn’t a build problem and definately not a firewall issue since a response had been returned, I eventually found the answer after some searching:

For details on IAX2 security in newer versions of Asterisk see:

The problem can be fixed by adding an extra configuration settings:

calltokenoptional =

Reload iax and problem solved.

Asterisk: Updating the DAHDI drivers

Copy the link of the latest driver release for both DAHDI and DAHDI tools from:

cd /usr/src

Remove any previous builds:
rm -Rf dahdi
rm -Rf dahdi-tools

Download the releases:

tar xvfz dahdi-linux-current.tar.gz
tar xvfz dahdi-tools-current.tar.gz

Rename the folders to make things easier:
mv dahdi-linux-current dahdi
mv dahdi-tools-current dahdi-tools

cd dahdi
make && make install

For DAHDI tools:
make menuselect (optional step)
make install
make config (overwrites existing config. files)

Many tool names have changed:

ztcfg -> dahdi_cfg
ztmonitor -> dahdi_monitor
ztscan -> dahdi_scan
ztspeed -> dahdi_speed
zttest -> dahdi_test
zttool -> dahdi_tool
zapconf -> dahdi_genconf (deprecates genzaptelconf)

Elastix 1.5 Stable internal dialing problem

I purchase the Siemens DECT cordless C47H handsets to work in conjunction with my Linksys SPA942 desktop phones but after adding them to the “extensions” section of the Elastix PBX configuration pages I was able to make calls to the SPA942’s (these had been configured using the “endpoint configuration”) but unable to recieve or make handset to handset calls with the Siemen phones.

After search for the error found in the CLI output:

Returned from dialparties with no extensions to call and DIALSTATUS: NOANSWER

Its due to owner permissions and to change you need to SSH in and perform the followig command:

# chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/lib/asterisk

Elastix 1.5 Stable and OpenVox A400P UK Caller ID

After hours of fustration and an inital contact with OpenVox support I managed to get Caller ID working with the 3 FXO modules on my brand spanking OpenVox A400P card.

The OpenVox A400P works perfectly with both Cable & Wireless and BT telephone line providers.

I just had to set the correct country codes in /etc/dahdi/system.conf

I also had to add the following lines in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf