OpenWRT 10.03 !No Access!

In setting up my TP-Link TL-WR1043ND router with OpenWRT 10.03 I managed to lock myself out.

I found that whilst booting the unit I was able to access the fail-safe (recovery mode) by inserting a paper clip in to the unit when a recieved a ping on

I could now telnet in the to unit but only gain access to files on a read-only basis and therefore not correct the error.  I found a post regarding mounting the jffs2 partition and overlay the files to there usual location.  A slight amendment to the command /sbin/mount_root is required as explained here:

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  1. Well, for me it was a sore experience…I was able to filnaly tweak the settings. I was mostly looking for the USB share capability. Just when I thought everything is fine, I bricked my router. Before bricking it, I was trying to make work the internet connection. In fact, the router was connected to the modem, I was able to see the public IP address, the LAN was working too, only that I didn’t have internet access. I changed some settings in the LAN trying to make a bridge between the WAN and the LAN (it seemed logical at the time) and pufff, my router stopped working and after a reboot noting was working no more.Now I have an amber power light, it can ping for exactly 4 times with a TTL 64 and after that is gone… I’ve tried entering the recovery mode, I am able to have a ping response from with a 128 TTL, but the image that I try to flash doesn’t work. IN fact, nothing happens, the power light keep flashing as the router still expects the flash file…I’m all disappointed, frustrated and out of inspiration.If anyone can help me somehow, my e-mail address is Keep pressing the reset button of your device intermittently during its power up to enter failsafe more in which will make it use IP and run telnet. From there you can enter the firstboot command to reset it.

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