Locked out of Windows server…no local or RDC logon allowed!?

Try this hack:
 log in to the recovery console.
 in recovery console:
cd system32
 “go to system32 folder.”

 copy logon.scr c:\
 copy cmd.exe c:\
“make a copy of  “login.scr and cmd.exe” to the root of drive c:”

ren logon.scr logon.sc2
ren cmd.exe logon.scr
“Change the name of logon.scr to cmd.exe”

“restart the server”

 Now wait for the logon screen saver to start, it will start with CMD.EXE under local service account, in the command prompt type mmc.exe to have GUI for the MS management snapins, or via the command prompt.


A tip by a man named Doron