Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer

Whatever the reason, you may need to run an old version of IE along with the latest, even Windows Vista.

Well this tool helps:

Taken from the blog post over at Tredosoft

2 thoughts on “Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer”

  1. Just a quick warning on this one, i’ve been using the multiple IE tool tor testing my web dev stuff and for some really weird reason that i can’t figure out it doesn’t work with a lot of forms!

    It took me ages to figure out what was happening, i was tearing the source code apart looking for the problem and it just turned out to be this thing!

  2. Nice one, didn’t know that! In actual fact I’ve never used the tool, didn’t need to in the end but I knew I’d forget about it!!

    Makes sense I guess, the old IE will try and use the new updated libraries and controls.

    Another really fab way is to use XP mode in Windows 7! Very cool, a virtual machine. Not sure if I can make copies so I can have one with IE6, one with IE7 and one with IE8 but…

    IE9’s on beta too.

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