SolarWinds- Change Threads

1) From the Backup Manager | Overview, open the Restore Tab and select Run Command Prompt (Do this 3 times to ensure you have ample command prompt windows available)
2) Type the command ‘Notepad.exe’
3) In the Notepad go to File > Open | Change from .TXT to see All Files
4) Open X:\Program Files\Backup Manager\config.ini
5) Add the following line: RestoreDownloadThreadCount=20 (Default is 4, max is 40)
6) Close and Save

7) The BackupFP process needs to be restarted to allow changes to take effect – From the command Prompt type Taskmgr
8) In Processes Stop BackupFP.exe (Should immediately restart)
9) In Command Prompt > Taskmgr > Processes > Stop ChromiumEmbedded process
10) Wait ~30 seconds
11) In Command Prompt type initwebui (to relaunch the browser)